Friday, September 9, 2016

In Her Words. | Rebecca Lewis, portrait photographer, Campbell, New York

I love my job. 

Every session begins with an opportunity to meet with a woman who in many cases has not had her portraits taken in many years some may have never had the experience at all. I call this first meeting a pre-consultation and it is where dreams are discussed, questions are answered, fears and concerns are laid to rest. 

One particular day I had the honor to meet a beautiful woman who was a referral by a previous client. Her name is Sandy. She came in to discuss her dream of surprising her husband with a gift. It had to be something so out of her normal comfort level that he would never expect it. 

It had to be something special for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Here is her experience in her words.

"I am 72 years old and had never had my portrait taken.  
I decided for our 50th wedding anniversary, I would have pictures taken.  I have recently lost 110 lbs. and thought it would be a good anniversary present for my husband.  
I have a friend who recommended Rebecca Lewis.  I previewed my friends pictures, and saw what a beautiful job Rebecca did, so I set up a session.
I felt like a queen for a day.  They did my make-up, and hair.  When I viewed the photos, I couldn't believe it was me.  It was so much fun posing for the photos.  Rebecca made feel at ease and comfortable.  She had  different outfits for me to wear, as well as some of my own.  She also provided a lunch.  
I fell in love with Rebecca, and feel like I have a new friend.  I highly recommend having this done.  Every woman deserves it.  And oh ya, my husband cried when he opened the portrait.  He has shown it to everyone."