Sunday, September 18, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness Event. Join me! | Rebecca Lewis, Portrait Photographer, Campbell, New York

October is breast cancer awareness month. I personally have never been diagnosed with breast cancer nor do I have immediate family who has been. But I do know for a fact, at one time or another we will all be affected by the impact of a cancer diagnosis. I myself am a survivor of Thyroid cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed and passed away from complications related to Mesothelioma. Most recently my mother was diagnosed and treated for lung cancer.

Through each of these trials, I have been fortunate and will be forever grateful to have a wonderful support system of amazing women. They have helped by listening, have made suggestions about treatments, referrals about physicians, and have suggested many services I might never have heard of. They may not have had all the answers but they were there to offer support and bring a source of happiness, hope and healing to otherwise difficult days. Which is why I am extending an invitation to you.

On October 15th, Deb Hassler of Wit’s End Fashions in Big Flats, NY. , is hosting an event. It is called “Hope. Healing. Inspiration. Women helping Women” and will be held from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Many of the women I mentioned above will be in attendance and I want you to meet them. Some of them will be available as guest speakers sharing stories of survival; others will be offering information about resources, and their services.

This event is open to the public. It’s purpose is to help all women who are affected by breast cancer or cancer in other forms. The event will also share information for the families and friends who are caring for them on a daily basis. The entire mission is about women helping women.

I will be taking part in this day too, I personally invite you to share your stories with me. I believe every day is a celebration of life and the connections we have with one another. 
Bring your mother, your sister, your girlfriend and have your portrait taken by me in my “Tickled Pink” pop-up studio. 
Make it a day of remembrance, celebration, renewed self-love, and inspiration. I would be honored to create a memory of the day for you.