Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Experience your "Glam the Dress" Session | Rebecca Lewis, Portrait Photographer

What an amazing day in the studio this day was.

I had talked many times with Melody about how beautiful and unique her wedding gown was so while visiting one day discussing her recent wedding anniversary plans, I was able to convince her to bring her wedding gown along to her session.

What she had described and showed me in pictures was not even close to how stunning this gown is in person. The color is absolutely stunning, changing from a bronze-green hue to purple in just one simple movement. I could hardly believe my eyes.

The beadwork and stitching both equally as beautiful. I thought how wonderful it was she chose a dress that strayed from the traditional white or ivory. I am sure you can understand my excitement to capture this in camera and create images as magical as the dress.

I am excited to share that you can experience your "Glam the Dress" Sessions in the studio.
It's another beautiful reason to Celebrate.

It's the perfect reason to wear your wedding dress again.

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