Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Making the connection. | Rebecca Lewis, Beauty Glamour Photographer, Campbell, New York

Like most women I wear many hats. When I am not being a photographer one of my other duties is filling the position of Admin Officer for a local power squadron here in the Finer Lakes where I am fortunate to make many new acquaintances. One such introduction was Martha, I was given her contact information when she reached out to the organization. Designated with the task of working to gather donations for an event fundraiser for a local family resource center she had hoped we might be able to make a donation. At her request I was able to put something creative together and we were able to carve out enough time to meet briefly in a parking lot to make the donation exchange and have our first in-person conversation.
By this time I had also decided to donate a gift of a glamour session for the event she was working on and while explaining the gift package I happened to mention I was looking to add another makeup artist to my list. She mentioned she had some experience. I gave her my card and we said our good-byes. Several weeks later she contacted me to learn more about the makeup opportunity. 
Always remember opportunities can arise from the most random ways. 
You never know where you will make the right connection.
I now introduce you to Martha. She is a wife, a mother, and a beautiful woman. 
These are images from her personal session. 

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