Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Freelensing in the studio today | Rebecca Lewis - RLStudioPortraiture

Perhaps you have heard of it and maybe you even use it in your photography but if you don't I wanted to share with you some images from my first experimentation with it. I am by no means and expert but as a newbie learning this method I am very excited and hooked on the process. I cannot wait to try this out in more of my work and sessions.
If you do not know what freelensing is simply put it is the process of taking photographs without the lens attached to the camera body.
Having read about it on several occasions and I finally decided to give it a go. It's not difficult to do but I did find it a little tricky to stay still enough to capture images that weren't completely out of focus while holding the camera in one had and moving the lens around in the other.

These first few images were taken using a Canon 50D and my 50mm lens. I found this process was much better to do with the camera set to manual.

Here you can see what I mean. Don't get me wrong, you do want some amount of blurring. Without the lens attached you will get what looks similar to the effects made by using a tilt shift lens but you still want an area of focus to be clear. 

Here I am getting better. You can see that the beaded hand bag has more definition.

Now this is where I think it got pretty cool. I moved the lens around and tipped/angled it around a bit. This allowed for more light to leak in through the gap between the lens and the body creating a pretty gorgeous flare and colorization. 

And for even more fun you can flip the lens around to create a macro effect like this one here. I still need some work on moving while snapping the shot. 

The images below were taken using my kit lens, a 28-135. 

And one last image. A macro shot of the beads on the small hand bag. 

I love the look and cannot wait to do this more. I see lots of practice and the experimenting with other lenses in the future as well. 

A quick reminder, always be extra careful when photographing with this method. It certainly has the opportunity to cause damage to your camera or lens. Accidents happen and you certainly do not want to drop anything. I recommend that you use your strap around your neck for extra security and that you do not do this outside in the rain or on windy days where dirt and debris is flying around to keep anything from damaging the sensors. 

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