Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"The Poppy Queen" an experimental photographic art piece | Rebecca Lewis - RLStudioPortraiture

This image in the bottom left corner has been in my collection for some time. It was taken during a session with my daughter last year. You might remember this post if you have been following along.
At that time I had given another treatment to the image but I kept coming back because I also wanted to do something else with it. 
I do that some times - I leave an image alone to give some time to think about it and let it marinate for a while not really sure of what direction it will go in.
Recently re-inspired by Brooke Shaden and Miss Aniela (two of my favorite Photographer/Artisans) I have decided to try a more conceptual artistic approach with some of my work by stretching my imagination and the imagination of others by creating something a little more experimental in addition to my regular work. 
I understand it's not my norm. 
Some of you may not like it however I believe that there are those of you who will and will understand that I must do what I am drawn to to feed the artist inside me. 

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