Thursday, January 23, 2014

A new frock.

After sorting through bags and bags of fabric this morning I started with this. Not quite sure what I would end up with - but I knew it would be lovely.

And lovely she is! 

Yards and yards of lace

add a ribbon, a silk rose too….

and can I tell you a little secret? There was absolutely NO Sewing involved! 


  1. Hi Rebecca! Your creation is absolutely gorgeous and your photography and styling of it is stunning! Good to see a post from you, hope all is well! xo

    1. Good morning Lili! I am so excited you stopped by! How are you? I must stop over and see what is new in your world I do apologize for not having been in touch more.
      Thank you for your compliments and yes things are going well, I have been trying to take care of some health issues but all is good. And yes, It's been much too long for a post here. I had tried another blog service but once again came back as I didn't care for how the other worked. You just don't know unless you try. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Lynda! Thank you. So happy you stopped by!


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