Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photo iPhone apps

I love photo iPhone apps. At last count I had 30 of them and I recently learned of a couple of more iPhone apps and just had to try them out so now I have 32 and...I have been playing with my phone even more. Whats really cool is that most apps will work on my iPad too; which is great for times that I want/need to work on a larger screen. 

Over time I have realized a couple things:
1. That I still enjoy some of my original apps as much as I did in the beginning 
2. I have out grown some apps because they just don't have enough functionality as I had hoped or I have become a more advanced user/creator. 

The ones that fall into the second category get removed from my phone so that I may move on and find others that work as I want. Which is what I have been doing lately.

My most recent purchase was Superimpose. I finally had the time to sit and play with it last night... Love it!
I have been wanting an app that allows me to bring in more images with layers and ease of use. I love that it allows me to create a more artistic looking piece of work without the need of my computer; simply because sometimes creativity strikes at the craziest of times and in the strangest of places and I need to be able to be creative wherever - whenever. 
iPhone images used in final "Strength and Peace" below

Another new favorite app is the NoCrop app which allows you to share full size images on a white background. It is designed for posting on Instagram in their square format and I love how it makes my images look more artsy. 

"Strength and Peace"
Also edit and processing with Snapseed

I can see so many possibilities with these apps. Right now I am  looking forward to incorporating them into my Women's Portrait Photography sessions right along with my Canon. 

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  1. I didn't know any of these apps. I will take a look at them. The NoCrop app sounds great to me. Take care.


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