Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wide awake at 4:30

The hubby and I stayed on the boat last night for our first overnighter. I woke every now and then but that's not unusual for me, nor was it a problem. 
I quite enjoyed it. 
It gave me the chance to listen to the water lapping at the side of the boat, feel the gentle rocking of the waves, and I watched out the window as masts of the other boats swayed too and fro.  

Since nobody but myself awake; I snapped a quick picture of the moon and sky through the screen as the day began. 
As quickly as the the sun rose, the wind picked up filling the sky with clouds. Without a worry we relaxed as we enjoyed our coffee; listening to the rain fall. Soon we watched the clouds clear out. When the rain stopped we went for a walk.

From the pier, fog quickly developed and dissipated. It moved northward, away from us as we watched it form and fade over and over the farther up the lake it went. 

It was beautiful. 

Made so much nicer by the fact that even by 7:30 there was hardly anyone up and around yet. 
Have a great week.

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