Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Love the water and have always wanted to learn, so we went ahead and finally did it.

We took our first sailing classes this last weekend. 
What an amazing, scary, and exhilarating experience!!!
Went all the way to Annapolis to do so and loved it.
Didn't spend a lot of time walking or touring the city and didn't get many pictures but
what I did get will make me remember it fondly for a lifetime.

Evening on the waterfront at Annapolis, Maryland.
Severn River. 
Looks relatively calm here in this image but earlier it was pretty windy.
See those radio towers???? We were way down there across from them on the right of the photo. The school is 1 mile across the river opposite the coast they stand on. 
Temperatures were in the 50's and water temp was 40'ish maybe...
Winds were at 18 knots with gusts of 22 knots on Sunday. So it was a tad chilly especially when getting wet.  

Main street at sunset. Love the glow. 
Can't wait to go back.

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