Friday, January 11, 2013

Pleasant memories -

Edited with Kim Klassen textures

It's raining today and the packed snow is turning to ice or melting away. I have paid the bills, done some laundry, and have been to the store. 
Since all that's done, I have been looking through old photographs and came across the one above. 
It makes me smile and makes me sad at the same time. 
You see, he is no longer with us and I miss my faithful outdoor companion. 
Finding it among the thousands of digital images I have stored, it kind of took my breath away when I clicked and opened it up. It made me think of all the walks we took together. Reminded me of what a smart and faithful friend he was. It also made me think of Kim and her companion Ben....I thought it only fitting that this image be edited with some texture freebies that I received from Kim. 
If you do not know her, or have never seen her work I encourage you to head over and do so. Her photos are beautiful. If you love texture and layer work or have ever wanted to learn she can help you out. 
She offers several classes, free tutorials, textures for purchase, and if you sign up for her newsletter you will receive freebie textures too!  
Right now she is taking students for her "Beyond" and "Round Trip" classes and as a bonus she has even extended the early bird registration!  Classes start soon so head right over.
Thanks for stopping. Thanks for listening. Till next time.

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