Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm cold

I'm cold, woke to frigid temps here today and as of now it's only reached 19. 
It's sunny but as nature works her beauty the sun drives the cold indoors. I am trying to work in my studio but even the poor heater is having difficulty in keeping up.
My only consolation is that I have my favorite cupa Java to help keep the hands warm.

Heavenly Cup Coffee Roasters is my favorite coffee shop in the area. If you come this way I'm sure they would love for you to stop by but if you don't have the luxury to do so stop by their website. They are also on Facebook. 
And, if you are looking for work they have a job opening too!
Wouldn't that smell wonderful...the smell of freshly roasted coffee each day????

Thanks for stopping. Thank you for listening. Till next time!
~ Rebecca

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  1. Oh yes and coffee too! Roses AND coffee, both lovely things to keep our minds off the cold! lol!


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