Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is what you get....

When photographing your own kid!!!
Ha, Ha....guess I should have known there would be some kind of silliness going on when shooting my Eighth grader!

I don't know about you, but I find that the most difficult part of being a photographer is actually getting my own children to cooperate for photographs. Some times it has been a real battle and other times have been fabulous.

Recently I put together a small portrait space in the corner of my shop so that I may do some custom portraits. And because my youngest is the only one home now he was "volunteered" into service as my model ~ Okay, okay...he may have been told he was helping me; within earshot of his father, so that the chances of whining and complaining would be cut to a minimum. 
I reminded him that if we got pictures done now since school starts in a few days we won't need to do it later when we will be needing new school pictures for the Christmas cards!
To which he replied..."don't send any."
Oh well!
As you can see he volunteered...and smiled through the whole ordeal sitting and even mocked cooperated with my directions in posing but I must say after the frustration fun he put me through

I Love the pictures and him ~ what a morning! 



  1. Wonderful captures Rebecca :))
    All boy!!haha

    Really cute :))

    Happy September!

    1. Thank yo Kay ~ September already, can you believe it?
      I'll bet you are all just as busy in your neck of the woods. Hello to your family :)

  2. They turned out great, Rebecca. I'd say they pretty much capture the spirit of an 8th grade boy! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather today. xo Jami


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