Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Taking flight

This nest appeared several weeks ago in the corner of our front porch. I had promised the hubby that I would take it down knowing that having it there would mean lots of messy bird droppings to clean up later, but for some reason I kept putting it off until it was too late. The day came and the nest was done .... Now the eggs were being closely guarded and cared for by parents taking turns in shifts. 
 So we waited patiently ~ well, I waited patiently (the hubby not so much)

Finally, the day came and what a delight to see signs of new life in the nest only to realize that there wasn't just one or two new babies but Five new babies!
We were careful not to disturb the family much and stayed away from that front corner as much as possible. Once, I even had to shoo the neighbors cat off the porch when I found him sitting under the the nest looking up hungrily.

Each day, their parents continued to care for and protect their growing babies taking turns and I watched from the front window sometimes stepping out the door to sneak a closer look.
On Monday, they were looking rather alert and getting restless ~ tightly in the nest they stayed, huddled together but occasionally each would take a turn stretching his or her wings. 
Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I grabbed my camera for this "family portrait" knowing that it wouldn't be long and they would be leaving for a life of their own and it made me think of my own children and how quickly time has passed. 

We are approaching the graduation of our second child next month. As emotional as it may be, I am so excited and cannot wait for this new chapter to begin. This is the moment we have she has been waiting for ...... The time to take flight.
A huge world awaits, a new life to live, and I know that it is filled to the brim with opportunities ripe for the picking! 

Today the nest is empty. 
But it doesn't make me sad. 
They still visit and have been flying back and forth from tree to tree. You can hear the joy in the music they sing, making the world a better place, and it makes me happy.

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  1. What a sweet photo you captured...I love it Rebecca!

    A nest in the garden is such a special gift during Spring...
    We lost a momma hummingbird recently and I had to send off the babies "still in their eggs" to a rescue farm. We are hoping they made it!

    Kay Ellen


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