Friday, February 24, 2012

NYC by iPhone

Love my iPhone ~ and taking pictures with it.
I think I might use it more for photos than for any other purpose....oh, that and listening to music.

 Recently I watched a video with Chase Jarvis;
author of "The Best Camera is the One That's With You",
it made me think how true that one simple statement is. 
It stuck with me. 
As time passed, I thought more and more about it.
Eventually it was decided. 
For our trip to NYC, I would leave my other camera behind and strictly use my iPhone. 

Not only was it fun but it was kind of liberating ~ not carrying a big camera bag all over the place, not bumping into people with it, not having to worry about charging batteries. 
Don't take this to mean I wont ever use my "real" camera ever again....I will never give up my DSLR. 
But it's really exciting to see what beautiful images you can get from something slightly larger than a deck of cards, without lenses, and I played with some cool photo editing apps too!
I'll share more in a day or two.

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