Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...and cake too!

Today I had the honor of having a charming little 3 year old come to my home ~ I will call her “Dorothy”. 
Last Sunday, her mother had called because “Dorothy” had requested a special birthday cake….not just any cake mind you, but a Wizard of Oz themed cake.

Like every cake request I get, as soon as I had gotten the call my mind was spinning with ideas. I couldn't wait to start and with each passing day I became more excited for the cake to come to reality.

Monday was the day to do the shopping, gathering all the necessary ingredients.
 Tuesday was a day spent creating each of the characters ~ Dorothy, Tin man, Scarecrow, and Lion. I even made Toto sitting in his basket as well as a few extra-special touches to make the cake more fun.
 Thursday was the day to apply all the finish and detail work for each of the characters.

Friday was the day to bake, assemble, and finally decorate!

Saturday....Party day! 
I must admit, I was excited….probably not as excited as Dorothy….but I couldn't wait for her to see it.

She arrived with her Mom, a little timid but looking all around for her special cake. Then she saw it! 

While watching “Dorothy” inspecting every detail of her cake; taking it all in, in amazed wonder -
Her eyes wide, and little hands wanting to touch everything {even taking a small sample of the buttercream frosting with her tiny little finger ;) }
and it made me smile.

It is wonderful to do something this special.

Just by taking a few simple ingredients and turning them into something grand to make someone’s dreams come true.


  1. Rebecca!!!! This cake is seriously fabulous! The details are amazing! xo

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