Monday, November 14, 2011

We need a little Christmas

Not a long post today, just a quick hello.
I took advantage of  the morning to clean the front porch that I have been neglecting for much too long. 
We have all been really busy and I think it is starting to wear each of us out...
I realized this weekend that it's not just me that feels out of step with the calendar ~ the family too is feeling overwhelmed, finding it hard to believe Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away with Christmas quickly to follow.
Normally I am very careful to enjoy each holiday as they come but for some reason the phrase 
"We need a little Christmas" 
keeps repeating itself over and over in my head...

which is why I have to share this clip ~ Mame is one of my favorite musicals.

I am hoping with a few accents at the front door, it will help lighten the mood and get everyone in the Holiday spirit. 

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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes Rebecca!
    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family :))

    Kay Ellen


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