Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The decorating has begun!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Our vacation time came to a close with 
the excitement of decorating for the Christmas season.
Usually we wait till the first weekend of December but 
I just couldn't wait any longer.
With some resistance, my youngest son helped me pull out all the bins of goodies. 
 As the decorating started, my daughter; who was working on a homework assignment, became much too distracted by the idea of making the house festive for the holidays and decided to join in on the fun.
Helping with the decorating, we snacked on sugar cookies and talked about how long we have had 
many of the decorations,
some of them for as long as 23 years.
You could say I am very much a traditionalist...
there is always lots of red and green with silver and gold mixed in.

A lovely assortment of vintage, heirloom, handmade, and new additions of 
special ornaments each year.
The tree hasn't been selected yet, we are looking forward to doing that the next few days. 
Till then...
we will continue trying to be good!

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  1. Hi Rebecca ~

    Can't wait to see what you do with all that charming red and green! Love that sweet Santa.

    Ciao bella,


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