Friday, October 7, 2011

Has it really been a whole month???

My Lord….where does the time go?
September 2011 is just a memory.
It has been busy .... School, homework, jobs, XCountry meets, play practices, colds ….. just like I knew it would be.
But some days it just doesn’t seem possible that so much could take place in a 24 hour period. 
I’m tired….constantly, my joints ache, and all I want to do is sleep in late or go to bed early but I never seem to get the chance.

Let’s see, what has happened in a month….

We spent a wonderful weekend in New Jersey with family to celebrate the first birthday of a very special little girl. I love seeing them ~ we just don’t get together enough.

Autumn has arrived….I love the season and it has made its presence known with bold beautiful colors.  
 It has been wonderfully cool and rainy most days but with enough sunshine to break up the monotony. 
Just the way I like it. The season makes the home feel so cozy and I have been getting back into making some really good comfort foods.

The apples are plentiful this year. My father and I have been busy picking from the wild apple trees to put in storage for later use. 
My mother baked apple crisp which was a wonderful treat and so delicious. (As soon as I am able to spend enough time at home I have plans to make some homemade cider donuts.)

 We’ve spent a day in Owego.

The hubby spent a week in Vegas for work …. I know ~ really rough! Sadly he didn’t win any money. I don’t go on the trips and usually the kids and I enjoy his business trips because we usually try to do something special just for us. But this year I was ill and that really put a damper on the whole week.

 I’ve helped a friend at her Bed and Breakfast.


We went to Vernon, NY to attend the XCountry Pre-States and cheer on the team.
Attended the McQuaid Invitational in Rochester, NY.


Our oldest has had his first official “mini” break from College and spent the weekend visiting back here at home.
We’ve gotten two sick children through colds.
The hubby and I spent an evening chaperoning teenagers at the Clemens Center to see “My Fair Lady”.  
I’ve cared for a sick husband.
Think that's enough for one month! 

Have a great weekend ~ Rebecca

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