Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What to do....

It's kind of like being invited to a party and having nothing to wear.
You see it's Movie lovin' edition of Texture Tuesday over at Kim's 
and I had absolutely no idea what to do for today.
 That was...

until these sweet babies decided to visit. My first thought was of the movie "Bambi". Oh ~ Thumper had been here earlier but I simply watched him as he grazed while I drank my coffee and contemplated on what to do.
On a side note there were no signs of Flower ;-)


  1. smiling...and loving this!!

    happy 'sigh'.....
    xxo, kim

  2. I had a hard time thinking of what movie to depict and how to do it - I drew a blank for days! I'm delighted at what other people have done - and your Bambi is exquisite!

  3. Really special - linked from Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday

  4. what a blessed view :) thank you for capturing and sharing it! xoxo

  5. Aww...such dear little souls! I was having the same problem. No idea what to use, and was looking thru my photos (and some of my Sis's). I came across her photo of the Roann (Indiana) covered bridge & there was the answer! God works in mysterious ways, no? Thanks for the kind words Rebecca! Stop by any time.

  6. Oh how lovely, what a wonderful shot, it's beautiful . . .Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Teresa x


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