Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Governor's Kitchen

The kitchen of the Governor's Palace is a stately brick dwelling that sits on a knoll over looking the canal.

It is a handsome place that looks as if it might actually be a small home rather than being dedicated to the 
daily task of preparing some of the finest meals in Virginia by well trained European cooks in colonial times.

The Falling Gardens or Terraces just out side the door 
from the kitchen. 
One of the three features that remain from the 18th Century.

View of the lovely canal.

Espaliered fruit trees in just one of the many sections of garden that covers approximately 10 acres.

Bellows through the window

Meats and Sweets ~ prepared and demonstrated daily.

These meals would have been prepared by "Principal Cooks" ~ the highest paid servants on the property.

A Colonial pantry with wares for daily use.

More Sweets ~  strongly influenced by the French culinary style and enjoyed by the upper class.

Love the details. I have included links above for you to learn more if you are interested. Enjoy

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