Monday, August 1, 2011

Domestics in the Benjamin Powell Home

Photo from the Colonial Williamsburg site
The Benjamin Powell family was a successful middling family in Colonial times. 
The family consisted of Benjamin a successful Contractor (or undertaker as they were called in colonial times)
his wife Annabelle and two daughters Hannah and Nancy.
They also had three adult slave women who worked for them, each of whom had two children.

The Laundry/Kichen buildings at the rear of the homes would have been supervised by Annabelle where the slaves would have lived and worked.

Drying laundry with essential oils soaps and other necessary items for washing.

So many of the same tools necessary for use in today's kitchens.

Preparing the days meals.

Chicken coop out behind the kitchen area ~ close by to select a fine fat chicken for dinner.

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