Friday, July 29, 2011

Out having some fun

It seems rare that I have much time to spend with my daughter these days.
She's so busy with school activities (even though it's summer), working, or spending time with friends.
But I was lucky this week.
She needs to have Senior portraits ready by September for the school year book so we made a date.
We turned the entire day was a photo shoot!
On the way out without her knowing, I grabbed one of my vintage hats from my collection.
And while these images aren't for her senior portfolio 
it appeased her mother greatly
it was fun to "Dress up" and do something a little different.

Hoping to share some senior images after 
we get more done and she has made her final selection. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. So wonderful -- she has such a beauty -- a timeless, gorgeous, classic beauty. She wears hats very well! :)


  2. These are fabulous! Love her hat.


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