Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Vacation pictures....

Right now it is quiet and I find myself re-living our vacation through the many pictures we brought home.
It has been a month since we left for our summer vacation.
I miss it already.
We offered to take the kids to Disney but they didn't want to go there;
they wanted to go to Colonial Williamsburg ~ even though they have been there many times before.

I think the hubby and I were a little surprised at first but we were excited that they would 
WANT to go back.
It is such a beautiful area rich with so much history and has a wonderful variety of programs for all ages to take part in.

Shortly after we returned I shared some pics  but it got busy here and there hasn't been much sharing since. I apologize, so I thought it would be nice share some more with you now and over the next few days.
As I look through all of them I see a common theme.
Even with all the amazing stories of our country's fight for independence I am drawn to the 
normal, routine types 
of domestic activities that would have been necessary for existence in such an early colony.
On our first day I enjoyed seeing Great Hopes Plantation a representation of a plantation in York County, Va. 
It is a working, living history site that represents the way of life for the Middling Plantation Farmers or the Rural middle class, the African American slaves who worked the farms, and others such as carpenters. These were not the rich plantations that we might think of today.  
They were the everyday people who worked to survive. 

Here is a kitchen that would not have been part of the main house. Simple with a large fireplace at one end for all the daily cooking.

At the well. Young children as young as 4 would have been given the responsibility for "fetching water". 

A simple woven twig fence to protect the garden from unwanted visitors.

Working in the garden.

Corn, one of the many crops necessary for survival.

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  1. I visited Williamsburg as a child and have always wanted to go back - it made a big impression on me. Hoping I can take my daughter there someday. Beautiful post and beautiful blog! And thank you for your kind words on my last Mortal Muses post - it was an amazing year...


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