Monday, July 11, 2011

Away from home

Colonial Williamsburg,
It truly is a beautiful location. 

We wish we could have stayed longer. There is so much to see, do, and learn. 
We have been here many times and it never gets boring. Every visit we have participated in something new.
This time we were fortunate to be able to visit the St. George Tucker house where we met General Washington and were able to question him about his campaigns. 
The hubby and youngest participated in the "Crack the Code" activity using original code from the Revolutionary period.
I finally made it into the Peyton Randolph house.
And though we were looking forward to the fireworks display...
 we did miss the 4th of July fire works because of severe storms. 
Oh well ... 
it didn't dampen our spirits any ~ we met some really wonderful families and had a wonderful time anyway.

My favorite activities are visiting the gardens and strolling around town just looking at all the beautiful architecture enjoying the craftsmanship. 

Here the gardens are just gorgeous. I was thinking back to when I was younger (before a husband and kids) and I can remember how much smaller these shrubs were. I only wish I had pictures of them then.

The espaliered fruit trees are simply stunning against the brick walls. 

and the walks are so inviting 
crisscrossing back and forth inviting you to sit a spell in the shade and enjoy the views.  

Even the maze has grown and filled in beautifully....the kids never seem to tire of racing around to see who can reach the center first. 

and one of the many paths will lead you here to a beautiful water way surrounded by beautiful trees and cooling shade.  Definitely worth sitting and enjoying.


  1. It looks beautiful there Rebecca! I've always wanted to visit Colonial Williamsburg ... someday!! :)

  2. Thanks for that glimpse of Willamsburg, I even have a cousin that lives there, yet I've never even been...yet. That maze looks like fun...even for an adult. ~Lili


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