Monday, June 6, 2011

Honored and delighted

While checking email I learned that Tammy Lee Bradley of Bliss and Folly had featured my image 
at Mortal Muses on Sunday in Everyday Beauty. 
What an honor. 
I can hardly contain myself...if someone saw me right now they might be wondering why is that lady grinning from ear to ear?! 
But the simple fact is that I am delighted.

Climbing under the fence.

I love this image ~ It speaks of summers on the farm. 
And I must admit, I almost didn't share "Climbing under the fence",
Simply because I wasn't sure if it was good enough or  
if others would understand the simple joy and beauty of seeing my slice of the world from this perspective. 
I captured it 
Memorial Day 
after a day of parades and a picnic. 
It was a beautiful holiday weekend with summer like temperatures. The sun was beginning to set just over the hills behind me and the light was perfect. So on a whim I decided to grab my camera to go "play" with it for a while.

The field is filled with waves of yellow buttercups
This view is just outside the fenced in fields of my grandparents farm. The fence borders the yard where I played and worked as a child. 
Seeing the buttercups spilling under the fence reminded me of the many instances of climbing under the fence needing to go check on new baby calves, 
having to wander up to the hay fields to load the wagon with freshly baled hay, 
and on occasion 
to recover a ball or Frisbee that had been thrown over by accident (always being careful not to get chased by a cow that might be protecting her baby).
What fun and fond memories.
In the end I am so happy that I did share it.
For it seems that it has brought some joy to so many others as well.
Thank you so much Tammy! :-)


  1. Congratulations, Rebecca!! I am never surprised when others appreciate your photography -- I sure do!!

    I wish you were closer by so that you could be my photographer!! :)

    You capture the beauty that seems to surround you and you see the beauty in much that others overlook.... a true gift!

    Well deserved honor, friend! :)


  2. This brings back memories!! I adore buttercups!

    Congratulations Rebecca!


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