Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage inspired

One of my favorite loves is the love of vintage illustrations ~ I have always love them.
Growing up, I would read loads of old books while visiting my grandparents during my summer vacations. I recall having read "The Water Babies",
I loved it's colorful illustrations.

I do not know where the book is now but I can still see the cover and illustrations clearly in my mind.

I also love the art of Maxfield Parrish.
His illustrations are magical.

The detail and colors of his subjects have such richness that one most certainly knows a Parrish print as soon as seeing one.

Which brings me to this weeks texture assignment from 
Kim Klassen.


Not exactly sure what I was going to create....I decided to play around last Friday.
I had already taken some photos of the beautiful apple blossoms in our side yard. They had just come into full bloom and I knew wanted to use one of them.

Here is the image I chose ~ untouched
So I just started clicking buttons and adjusting the levels, playing with the contrast, color, and brightness .... 
not really sure what I was going to get 
and guess what I saw?

THIS ~ Inspiration form Maxfield Parrish!!!!
So I played some more.....

and some more....

and some more.....

Vintage inspired loveliness!
All from using Kim's texture called Luminous.
Thank you Kim :-)


  1. Lovely colors. It's amazing what little sliding and a texture can do.

  2. Stunning images! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Wonderful vintage feeling....

    Happy to be following you now!

  4. What a difference in each picture, thanks for showing your 'before and after' it is very inspiring.

  5. don't you just love texture tuesday?
    i love all the creativity shared and your images are wonderful rebecca. thank you for the beauty you share.
    have awonderful day~

  6. wonderful to see the different versions. I had that book too - loved the illustrations and the moral lessons stayed with me - still refer to Mrs do as you would be done by

  7. very different. I like the second to the last one best.

  8. Don't you love how all the different things there are to do to photos? I could play around for hours. Love your different versions :)

  9. Very original. I like how creative you got with your texture play. Second to last is my favorite.

  10. Beautifully done. Isn't it fun to play?


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